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Maxline Custom Cases


Maxline Music Cases
 Custom Drum Cases


We can construct any type of custom ATA drum case to suit your needs.  If you want individual drum  cases or a drum trunk to fit them all we can design and construct them to your specifications.  We can also make cymbal cases and trap cases or hardware cases for your extras.   We also make lightweight ata  cases ultralite cases for easy handling.  We are distributors of SKB drum cases.

Drum cases

SKB Drum Cases

SKB cases include a lifetime warranty


Custom Drum Trunk

This Drum Trunk nests 1 floor tom 2 rack toms and a snare with slot for cymbal storage.


Cymbal case

Cymbal Case



nate with cymbal case

cymbal cases 2 minute hate


  Nate from 2 Minute Hate won a Maxline SKB cymbal case at Heathenfest 2005.


Maxline Custom Cases

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