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What are we currently up to as far as Sponsorships and Endorsements? We are still featuring artists music on our Myspace site,  and we are still listing artists on our sponsored/endorsed bands page.  And we still give our sponsored and endorsed bands a price break on cases.  And if you send us a picture of you with your case and gear we'll post it in the proper catagory with a link to your website and Myspace site.

 We try to keep our prices for musicians as low as possible. Remember we are a CUSTOM case company, not a production line. We don't have a lot of cases sitting around on shelves , we make them to order.  If you want a production case we can offer you SKB music cases at very good prices.  If you don't want SKB but want cheap cases try EBAY.  If your looking for a deal on a case.. go to EBAY.

Like I said we are a custom case company.  We put out a quality product that we make sure is right before you get it. We've been in business since 1977 and we aren't going away anytime soon. So if you need a quality case, at an affordable price talk to us.

And as always.. If you get one of our cases, snap a pic of you and the case, and we'll get it on our website with a link to your site.


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